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Finish Fit Boot Camp®

Finish Fit Boot Camp®

The essence of Finish Fit Boot Camp® is Cardio Strength Training or High Intensity Interval-style (HIT) training. It delivers an amazing fat-burning and body-transforming style of boot camp that never gets boring. That means you never repeat the same workout and that fights burnout. Our goal is to activate Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) to trigger fat metabolism for 2-3 hours following your workout. When the body depletes its sources of Oxygen during HIT training, it replenishes its O2 reserves by revving up your fat burning engines to supply oxygen to your fat metabolism – and that means continued impact from your workout.

To keep things interesting, we use complexes (2 or more exercises performed in back-to-back fashion), Density training circuits (five exercises and load each up with approximately a 10-12 repetition maximum (RM)), On-Off circuits (30sec work, 30sec rest), and weights in traditional sets performed in back to back fashion with goal of completing all sets in as short a time as possible. To top it all off, we add metabolic “FINISHERS” such as “TABATA’s”, “COUNTDOWN’s”, etc. to help flatten the stomach, firm and tone the body, and torch fat for hours after you’re done with your workouts. Why is this important? Because you will see faster results with less time and effort (see testimonials).

How would you like to go on vacation without worries of putting on weight? Well, developing this type of muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and help you burn more calories no matter what you’re doing, reducing the potential for substantial weight gain.

We use a variety of tools such as battleropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, agility ladders, push/pull sleds, TRX’s, and cones to periodize, or mix up, the programming in order to prevent disheartening plateaus and deliver our proven fitness formula (see testimonials).

And everything we do is tailored to individual fitness levels. Our trainers adjust workouts to meet the needs of athletes or first timers just getting off the couch so that all can start and quickly see benefits from this type of workout.


All members will be set up with a Complimentary nutrition plan by a Precision Nutrition Certified Personal Trainer, based on body type. During the assessment, we will determine your somatotype or body type to determine if you are a mesomorph (normal person), ectomorph (skinny trying to add muscle mass), or endomorph (big and stocky). Given your goal (i.e. weight loss, weight gain, maintenance) we will determine your Resting Metabolic Rate, and assign you a macronutrient (fats, protein, cabs) percentage breakdown based on your body type and your goal.

All members will be given a comprehensive nutrition guide to help them Finish Fit®.

Every Sun morning at 11:00 AM we will do weigh in's, determine body fat percentages, and go over your nutrition plan. Determining body fat measurements provides another target to monitor and measure as we adjust nutrition and exercise to allow all our trainees to “Finish Fit®”.


Members can attend 5 one-hour classes throughout the week:

Classes With - Armen Ghazarians are:

Mon at 6:30 AM, Wed at 8:00 PM, Fri at 6 pm, Sat at 6:30 AM, and Sun at 11:00 AM at Verdugo Park in Glendale, CA. All members must attend their first Assessment prior to attending a session of boot camp. Complimentary assessments are held every Sun morning at 11:00 AM prior to beginning boot camp at 11:30 AM.

Expiration and Use Policy

Valid only for option purchased. Must redeem sessions in full by expiration date on your account. Must use all sessions within 1 month period, depending on option purchased. Must sign waive/membership agreement and create a FREE account at login on our website. Must be 18 or older. Physician’s clearance may be required after initial assessment. Valid only at listed location. All goods or services must be used by the same person.

Are you ready to FINISH IT WITH FINISH FIT®?