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Finish Fit® Corporate Health & Wellness Program

The Finish Fit® Corporate Health & Wellness Program is an innovative collaboration of our Nutrition and Fitness coaches that creates a customized, goal-oriented plan for your team to achieve wellness objectives in the most efficient and effective environment. Wellness industry leaders have determined that in order to build a successful wellness program, you must find a way to build individual relationships with each participant for overall success of the program. Our Team approach builds relationships that create a culture dedicated to each team member's health and fitness goals by customizing our approach to EACH team member.

Finish Fit Boot Camp®

You employees will have access to 30 min boot camp sessions on or off campus (at times that best suit their needs) so they can get a quick workout in during the day.

The essence of Finish Fit Boot Camp® is Cardio Strength Training or High Intensity Interval-style (HIT) training. It delivers an amazing fat-burning and body-transforming style of boot camp that never gets boring. That means you never repeat the same workout and that fights burnout. Our goal is to activate Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) to trigger fat metabolism for 2-3 hours following your workout. When the body depletes its sources of Oxygen during HIT training, it replenishes its O2 reserves by revving up your fat burning engines to supply oxygen to your fat metabolism – and that means continued impact from your workout.

To keep things interesting, we use complexes (2 or more exercises performed in back-to-back fashion), Density training circuits (five exercises and load each up with approximately a 10-12 repetition maximum (RM)), On-Off circuits (30sec work, 30sec rest), and weights in traditional sets performed in back to back fashion with goal of completing all sets in as short a time as possible. To top it all off, we add metabolic “FINISHERS” such as “TABATA’s”, “COUNTDOWN’s”, etc. to help flatten the stomach, firm and tone the body, and torch fat for hours after you’re done with your workouts. Why is this important? Because you will see faster results with less time and effort (see testimonials).

How would you like to go on vacation without worries of putting on weight? Well, developing this type of muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and help you burn more calories no matter what you’re doing, reducing the potential for substantial weight gain.

We use a variety of tools such as battleropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, agility ladders, push/pull sleds, TRX’s, and cones to periodize, or mix up, the programming in order to prevent disheartening plateaus and deliver our proven fitness formula (see testimonials).

And everything we do is tailored to individual fitness levels. Our trainers adjust workouts to meet the needs of athletes or first timers just getting off the couch so that all can start and quickly see benefits from this type of workout.

Team Building/Sporting Events

We can organize team building/sporting events in addition to or in lieu of boot camp. You simply pick an event form our list of options, and we will organize it on or off campus at a time that best suits your needs.

Finish Fit Personal Training® For Corporate Executes

We offer 30 min 1-on-1 personal training sessions for busy executives (at times that best suits their needs) looking to get a quick workout in at work. Prior to training, we perform a thorough assessment that includes an FMS test to determine muscular imbalances in the executive’s kinetic chain, a Bruce Protocal/YMCA 3-min step VO2max test to determine cardiovascular endurance; we further perform a muscular strength and endurance test (i.e. pushups to failure), and finally we do 80% MAX rep tests for squats, dead lifts, the bench press, and pullups. After a body fat scan and an hour consultation we determine the executive’s goals. Then based on all the information we collect we create a 6-week periodized program. We further program for 2 other 6-week microcycles and the bigger macrocycle (entire year). We repeat all the test results at the end of 6 weeks to determine progress and we make adjustments in the next microcycle as needed. Finally, Finish Fit® Certified Nutritionists design custom meal plans using the Finish Fit® Nutrition App with the proper macronutrients to ensure that we meet the executive's dietetic needs (i.e. muscle mass gain, fat loss, etc.).

Finish Fit® Nutrition Coaching

Your employees will also get access to the Finish Fit® Nutrition coaching system.

In this program your employees will progress through our proprietary "4-Pillar Nutrition Coaching System" which includes:

I. Self Education - (Weekly homework)

This exclusive 12-week weight-management program (CLICK LINK TO VIEW COURSE) covers the basics of human physiology. It explains in non-technical terms how, and why, your body will positively respond to proper nutrition and productive exercise. The information is not intended to advocate any particular protocol. It does not promote any products. It is straight-forward, peer-reviewed information to help your employees understand how their bodys really works. In just 12 weeks your employees will have the knowledge and tools to take control… forever!

II. Online Webinars - (Weekly Webinars)

You employees will join a 1- hour weekly online webinar with their Precision Nutrition Certified Finish Fit® Nutrition Coach once per week after they complete each week's homework online (see previous paragraph). Topics covered include: 1) Learning the key to permanent weight management 2) How to choose the best diet for "you" 3) personalized & professional menu planning strategies 4) Menus & shopping lists (via the Finish Fit® Nutrition App available on Itunes and Google Play) 5) Tips & guidelines 6) Support & accountability 7) Exercise tracking 8) Supplement stacking based on examine.com guidelines 7) Opportunity for Q&A at the end of the webinar

III. Individualized Coaching - (Weekly Individualized Coaching Calls)

This program is all about developing hands-on, “real-world” practices and skills. We help your employees stay accountable, be consistent, and finally get off the “workout hamster wheel” for good. And we support them all along the way. If they’re tired of feeling pissed-off, frustrated, or feel like a failure because they’re injured; or are too busy to follow a complicated workout plan; or aren’t feeling as spry as their 18-year-old selves did… Or if they’re tired of all the confusing, contradictory information out there about how to eat and work out right...Or if they just want to fit into your old pants and have a little more mojo......they've come to the right place.

IV. Exercise Programming - (Weekly exercise programming)-In Addition To The Boot camps

If your employees have their own workout program, personal trainer, or favorite sport already, no problem! But if they are looking for a workout plan, great. We’ll give them videos, step-by-step instructions, and tips on adjusting movement to meet their needs via the Finish Fit® Fitness Apps (CLICK LINK TO VIEW APPS).