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Finish Fit Personal Training® - Level 4

$130 per appointment Purchase required to enroll
Prior to training, Finish Ft® personal trainers perform a thorough assessment of their clients that includes an FMS test to determine muscular imbalances, a Bruce Protocal/YMCA 3-min step VO2max test to determine cardiovascular endurance, a muscular strength and endurance test (i.e. pushups to failure), and an 80% MAX rep test for squats, dead lifts, the bench press, and pullups. After a body fat scan and an hour consultation they determine their client’s goals. Then based on all the information they collect, they create a 6-week periodized program. They further program for 2 other 6-week microcycles and the bigger macrocycle (entire year). They repeat all the test results at the end of 6 weeks to determine progress and then make adjustments in the next microcycle as needed. Finally, Finish Fit® Certified Nutritionists design custom meal plans using the Finish Fit® Nutrition App with the proper macronutrients to ensure that they meet their client’s dietetic needs (i.e. muscle mass gain, fat loss, etc.).

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